Deleted Star Trek: Discovery scene shows another side to everyone’s favorite warrior race

Don’t worry and please don’t arrest me: this isn’t a leak. It does, however, contain some spoilers for the second episode of Star Trek: Discovery.

Kontext is King, so you should know that the deleted scene that follows was supposed to come after this one.


Is this the conversation that explains Tony Blair’s later conversion to Catholicism?

Buried deep within the two and half million word report produced by Sir John Chilcot as part of the UK government’s inquiry into the Iraq War is a conversation between Prime Minister Blair and President Bush which, in my opinion, is more important than the rest of the document put…

Man immediately becomes pathetic after minor injury, mirroring the state of a nation

Those of you who have been following this blog closely (there’s a good chance I may be referring specifically to my good friend Kieran, here) will know that I am the ghost of a dead fish who was inadvertently integrated into the internet during a freak fishing/WiFi tethering accident. This…

Terrorist group continues to attract tourists from the UK by borrowing Conservative Party campaign slogan

In an opportunistic attempt to gain recruits from the growing pool of disenfranchised would-be Labour voters, ISIS have started to use the UK Prime Minister’s soundbite, “strong and stable” in their propaganda.

“Kidnapping’s not the reliable revenue stream it used to be,” said Jihadi Brian through his designer balaclava…

Theresa May implores British electorate not to be influenced by any institutions that aren’t her own political party

Theresa May, Britain’s current inter-dimensional space demon — or as she likes to be known — Prime Minister, has just accused the EU of trying to affect the upcoming UK election by promoting stories that “misrepresent Britain’s negotiating position in Europe.”

I’m sorry for shouting, BUT COULD EVERYONE JUST…

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