What’s with the BBC’s coverage of MOAB?

I get a fair amount of my news from the BBC, and I’ve seen a lot of news about bombs recently.

It mostly reads like this:

‘Trump dropped a big bomb.’

Phwoar. (Photo: AFP)

It’s made me wonder: why have the BBC become the PR wing of the Trump administration? Is it because they love big bombs?

Personally, I like the more insidious bombs that cause death by asphyxiation or the ones that are really difficult to put out once they get on your skin, but each to their own (honourable mention to white phosphorous- don’t get me started on the dry cleaning bills (!)).

The BBC just loves big explody bombs.

More like Big Bomb Corporation, am I right? …Guys…?

The BBC’s coverage of MOAB was basically:

‘Well done, you dropped a big bomb there, didn’t you?

That’s one of the biggest bombs I’ve ever seen.

Who’s a big bomb dropping President? You! You’re a big bomb dropping President!’

There’s another toddler in North Korea who also likes blowing stuff up

When questioned on why they chose to cover MOAB in this way, the BBC issued this statement:

‘Wait, what’s wrong with our coverage? But… it’s a big bomb. What part don’t you understand? The bomb bit or the big bit? I mean, it wasn’t like nuke big, but it was still pretty big…..

…Imagine if he used nukes? That would be interesting. Exciting, even. Sorry, what was the question again?’

Fireworks can be distracting when you’re trying to be a journalist.




Always swimming upstream

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Existential Trout

Existential Trout

Always swimming upstream

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